Seek Immediate Medical Treatment if Your Child Suffers These Accidental Injuries

While it is disturbing to know that accidents are the number one cause of death for children and teens, Florida parents should also be concerned about the potential for serious injuries. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 21 million children receive care at hospital emergency departments to treat unintentional injuries annually. The top cause of accidental harm is falls, which injure more than 6.8 million young victims. Motor vehicle accidents take the #2 spot, leading to around 2.87 million ER visits for children aged 0 to 14. The CDC even tracks emergency care for dog bites, which cause harm to 316,400 kids. 

Seeing your child in pain from accidental injuries is horrifying for a parent, and the financial and emotional implications hit hard. It is encouraging to know that you have options under Florida law, and a Miami child injuries lawyer can assist with the legal process. Because proper medical treatment is so critical for your child’s health and your legal remedies, always head straight to the ER for:

  • Excessive Bleeding: A cut or laceration will usually lead to bleeding, but it is cause for concern if the injury is deep enough to cause significant blood loss. The accident could have led to arterial or venal bleeding, in which the blood vessels running either to or from the heart are ruptured.
  • Open Wounds: Even if excessive bleeding is not an issue, get your child to the ER right away for a large, gaping wound. A critical medical problem with these injuries is infection, especially with dog bites. Healthcare providers have tools and sanitation methods to prevent infection from developing. Without proper care, an infection can turn into sepsis, a life-threatening medical condition.
  • Head Injuries: You should seek emergency care for all trauma to the head because the range of harm can vary considerably. Your child may have simply suffered a bump, but concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to serious consequences. The only way to know the extent of the injuries is through an exam and testing by medical professionals.
  • Loss of Consciousness: If your child experiences unconsciousness in an accident of any kind, emergency treatment is crucial. There could be brain damage, swelling, or other issues that require immediate attention.
  • Burns: Unless the burn is just slightly pink and resembles a sunburn, you should always take your child to the ER. Burn injuries destroy the outer layer of skin and sometimes the epidermis, as well. The skin is your child’s first line of defense against germs, so infection is more likely when it is damaged. Plus, quick treatment reduces the potential for scarring, which can cause emotional issues for your child.

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