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In most northern US states, the significant difference between weather in the summer and winter months means more people on foot once the temperatures rise. That may not be the case around Miami, but you might be surprised to learn how pedestrian accidents spike from June through August. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, (FLHSMV), almost 200 people are killed and more than 2,600 victims are injured in the 3,300 pedestrian accidents that occur in South Florida every year. Approximately one-half of these incidents happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

There are multiple factors that combine to create safety risks when walking in the summertime, and the details are useful to know in terms of prevention. However, the statistics above are proof that injuries to people on foot still occur despite the use of caution. You should discuss your legal options with a Miami pedestrian accidents attorney, as you may be entitled to compensation for your losses as a victim. Some background on the reasons behind the spike is also helpful.

Longer Days

You do not need a background in science to realize that the person on foot is more likely to sustain catastrophic injuries in a Miami pedestrian accident than the driver of a car. Walkers do not stand a chance against the large, speeding vehicles with whom they share the road. It is also not that far a stretch to assume that many victims will suffer injuries to the lower extremities because of where the bumper of a vehicle comes into contact with the body. Statistics indicate that one-third all pedestrian accident injuries involve the feet, legs, and hips. 

Knowing that there are more than 8,100 pedestrian accidents statewide every year – and almost 2,600 of them occur in South Florida – the dangers of lower body injuries come to the forefront. Trauma to the body below the waist is serious, and not only because of the physical pain. You could be unable to work and enjoy your favorite activities. It is a comfort to know that you have legal remedies, and a Miami pedestrian accident lawyer can guide you through the legal process. An overview is also useful.

Common Lower Body Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

Parents of young children take extreme precautions to protect against pedestrian accidents by keeping them in the stroller, holding their hands, and watching like a hawk around Miami traffic. As the children get older and appreciate the risks of being hurt, you probably believe that these safety measures become less urgent. This is tragically not the case, and the statistics may come as a shock: According to Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting children from accidents, the death rate for teens in pedestrian accidents is double that of younger kids. 

Sadly, these incidents are preventable and typically only occur because of motorist negligence. If your child was hurt, a Miami pedestrian accidents lawyer can explain your legal options. However, there are numerous safety tips that can reduce the threat, and they are most effective when both parents and teens are on board. Some additional statistics are informative on how these tragedies occur.

Data Reveals the Dangers of Teen Pedestrian Accidents

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