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Motor vehicle collisions, defective products, slip and falls, and many other accidents are a leading cause of injuries in the US, but you might be shocked to learn how often these incidents are fatal. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that almost 214,000 individuals are killed because of unintentional incidents, making accidents the #3 cause of death nationwide. Fortunately, Florida wrongful death laws provide surviving family members with options, so you might qualify to recover compensation for your extensive losses. However, proof is an essential component of any personal injury case. It can be tough to come by when the primary witness died because of someone else’s negligence. In such a claim, you must show that the victim died as a direct result of the at-fault party’s misconduct, along with other legal requirements. Your Miami wrongful death lawyer will take the lead in gathering information, but it is helpful to know the evidence needed to prove such a case. 

Proof of Key Elements

The initial element you must establish in a negligence-based case is that the responsible party owed a duty to your loved one. Proof is relatively straightforward, since everyone is legally obligated to act with reasonable care and avoid creating a risk of harm to others. With respect to other elements, note the following details on evidence:

Whether you attribute it to lack of experience, tendency to text and drive, or other risky behavior, the popular assumption persists that teens are more dangerous behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this is one hypothesis that does carry some truth. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 2,000 people are killed in accidents involving teen drivers annually, comprising 8% of all fatal crashes. However, to put things in perspective, note that teenagers amount to just 5% of total drivers in the US.

These and other statistics are disturbing for parents of younger drivers, but the numbers are also cause for concern for other motorists who share the road with them. It is a comfort to know that Florida auto crash laws apply regardless of age, and a Miami car accidents attorney can assist with your legal options. Some additional data on teen motorist collisions is also informative.

Statistics on Teen Drivers and Auto Crashes 

What should have been a balmy seaside morning in Miami quickly turned to chaos, confusion, and horror on June 24, 2021 as a 12 story, 130 unit condominium Champlain Condominium building suddenly collapsed. Miami’s NBC affiliate News Channel 6 covered the incident, with at least one witness describing the Champlain Towers South Condo as falling flat like a pancake into a pile of rubble. First responders arrived from Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County  to assist with the search and rescue effort which will continue and be followed by a thorough investigation. The level of mass destruction demands a meticulous probe into how such a tragedy could happen.

The focus right now is on search and rescue, helping survivors, helping displaced residents and comforting families. In time, victims and their family members will want to understand their legal rights and remedies.  Many of the issues will revolve around Florida premises liability concepts, potential violations of the Florida Building Code, and other details which will depend upon the results of officials’ investigation. At Gerson and Schwartz, our hearts go out to all victims and those affected. We continue to investigate and gather information. Still, here is a summary of the information available now.

Updated Facts on the Champlain Condo Building Collapse in Surfside

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