Tips to Protect Children When Vacationing at a Miami, FL Resort

Florida has long been a hot destination for family and vacation travel, and recently released data indicates that the trend will continue. University of South Florida researchers estimated that more than 35 million people visited the Sunshine State during the third quarter of 2022, an increase over the same period last year. These figures are also an increase over the third quarter of 2019, so there are signs that the travel industry has moved on from the consequences of the pandemic. Compared to July 1 to September 30 of 2019, tourism data for the same quarter of 2022 was 8% higher. 

Many families head to South Florida for vacation, with the beaches, parks, and resorts being top attractions. There are plenty of activities for children, but it is important for parents to realize accidents are a common risk. You should discuss your legal options with a Miami resort tort lawyer if your child was hurt since these facilities are obligated to provide a safe space. To avoid having an accident ruin your vacation, consider the following tips.

Carefully Supervise Around Pools

Resorts typically do not have lifeguards on duty to watch swimmers, so it is up to parents to monitor children around pools, hot tubs, splash pads, wave pools, and water features. Drowning can occur in just a few seconds, and a child in distress can be difficult to spot in crowded areas.

Stick to Appropriate Activities

Miami resorts offer a dizzying array of activities and amenities for kids of all ages, and age should be a focus. When looking at options for children, consider their age and abilities. Teens can enjoy adventure sports, but avoid physically demanding, strenuous activities for younger children.

Watch Children in Common Areas

Resorts are responsible for ensuring all aspects of safety, including security and prevention of criminal activities. Still, parents must keep a watchful eye on kids in common areas, including:

  • Pools and water activities;
  • Volleyball, tennis, pickleball, and badminton courts;
  • Other sports and recreation areas; and,
  • Arcades, movie theaters, and gaming areas.

In these busy spaces, with swarms of kids and tons of commotion, it is easy for someone to abduct a child when the resort does not implement security measures.

Set Rules

No matter what your children’s ages are, it is critical to establish rules for your resort vacation. Older kids and teens can enjoy some freedom, but make sure to set a curfew and schedule check-ins throughout the day. For younger children, demand that they stay within eyesight. Instruct them to notify you if they need to use the restroom or want a snack.

Our Miami Resort Tort Attorneys are Prepared to Serve Your Needs

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