Trampoline Accidents

Whether you are young or old is not defined as much by how many years you have been on the Earth but rather by whether you regard jumping on a trampoline as fun or scary. Sure, it is fine if exactly the right part of your body lands on exactly the right part of the trampoline at exactly the right time, but what are the chances of that happening? If you think a trampoline presents a lot of opportunities for sustaining a serious injury, imagine a whole building the size of a big box retail store with enormous trampolines above hard, concrete floors. Behold the trampoline park, a site of catastrophic injuries waiting to happen, even when guests are not ziplining above the concrete floor at an even higher altitude than the trampoline would take them. All “jump at your own risk” signs aside, premises liability laws protect customers injured in preventable injuries at trampoline parks. If you have suffered serious injuries as a result of an accident involving a trampoline, contact a Miami premises liability lawyer.

Your Rights if You Get Injured at a Trampoline Park

Premises liability laws in Florida offer strong protections to paying customers who get injured in preventable accidents at places of business, including recreational facilities where visitors pay admission, such as trampoline parks. Trampoline parks usually set up their trampolines with safety nets as walls to prevent guests from falling off, and they often have partitions made of soft material to help guests stay a safe distance apart, but despite this, accidents where guests collide with each other or land on the trampoline in a bad position can cause serious injuries, including bone fractures and concussions.

Many trampoline parks also include other attractions where there is a risk of falling from a height, such as rock-climbing walls and zip lines. The trampoline parks must provide safety equipment, but if it does not work properly, serious injuries can result. For example, a preteen boy suffered multiple injuries when he fell from a zipline ride at a trampoline park in Lakeland in 2019. The trampoline park staff had not properly fastened the safety harness on the boy’s legs. You can still prevail in a premises liability case against a trampoline park if your injuries were the result of extraordinary negligence on the part of the trampoline park, even if you signed a liability waiver.

Your Rights if You Get Injured on a Trampoline at Someone’s House

In some cases, it is also possible to sue for premises liability if you get injured at someone else’s house. If the homeowner invited you to jump on the trampoline, then premises liability laws protect you. Even if the homeowner did not authorize you to be on the property, you could argue that the trampoline was an attractive nuisance if it was in the backyard without a fence, where unauthorized visitors could easily access it.

Contact Gerson & Schwartz About Premises Liability Cases

A premises liability lawyer can help you if you have been injured in a preventable accident at a trampoline park. Contact Gerson & Schwartz in Miami, Florida, to discuss your case.

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