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The highlight of many resort vacations in Florida is the vast array of water features, including pools, slides, splash pads, surfing simulators, and hot tubs. However, many of these fun-filled amenities can lead to tragedy when pool accidents and drownings occur. Sadly, data reported by the National Safety Council (NSC) indicates that children are most affected by these incidents. More children aged infant to 4 years old die from drowning than any other cause of death. Plus, around 6,400 children under the age of 15 are treated in hospital ERs for pool injuries every year.

For victims of all ages, it is a comfort to know that Florida personal injury laws hold careless resorts accountable for accidents involving pools, spas, and water attractions. To ensure a smooth process, it is wise to work with a Miami resort accident lawyer with experience pursuing these businesses. Some background about your rights is also useful.

Legal Claims for Pool Accidents

Law enforcement officers continue to investigate a swimming pool accident that led to the deaths of a young father and his two children, looking for answers as to how such a tragedy could occur. According to a February 24, 2022 article posted by South Florida’s Local 10 News, the gruesome scene was discovered by the man’s wife and children’s mother. Upon her return from work in the late afternoon, she found all three victims floating in the family’s backyard pool. Though she called 911 right away, it was too late for the three individuals who drowned. 

A police spokesperson mentioned that foul play was not suspected, and that the incident appeared to be a tragic accident. However, accidents happen for a reason. When there is no evidence of direct misconduct, it may come to light that defective pool equipment is to blame. If so, the manufacturer is a potential party that a Miami swimming pool accidents attorney would pursue for compensation. An overview may help you understand how liability works in such cases.

Defective Pool Equipment in Swimming Pool Accidents

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