Data Points to Serious Risks of Miami Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling enthusiasts rank Florida quite high for bike-friendliness, and weather, designated bike lanes, and access to lock stands are all factors that add to the appeal. Unfortunately, the risk of bicycle accidents is still quite high. So far, in 2023, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reports that there have already been 550 bicycle accidents, causing 15 fatalities and hundreds of injuries to riders. The threat to bike riders in South Florida is disturbing: In Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach County, there are almost 1,950 bicycle accidents, causing around 45 fatalities and injuries to hundreds of victims. 

These are some concerning statistics about bike crashes in Florida, but additional data reveal important information about how these tragedies happen. If you were hurt or lost a loved one, it is wise to consult with a Miami bicycle accident attorney about your rights. Still, knowledge is power, so reviewing the data is an important way to avoid being injured.

Bicycle Accident Statistics in South Florida

Nationwide, around 1,000 bicycle riders are killed and another 130,000 are injured in collisions every year. Plus:

  • The highest fatality rates are among adults aged 55 to 69 years old.
  • Teens and young adults are the age groups most likely to be hurt in a bike crash, with individuals aged 10 to 24 years old accounting for almost one-third of all injured victims.
  • Males are up to six times more likely to be killed and around five times more likely to be injured in bike crashes than females.
  • On average, there are 550 bicycle accidents in Miami-Dade County alone, causing nearly 260 deaths. Around 660 bike riders are injured in these incidents.
  • Almost 80% of all bicyclists who were killed in bike collisions were riding in urban areas like South Florida.
  • One-quarter of bike riders who died in traffic crashes had a blood alcohol concentration of .01% – far below the legal limit for driving a car.

Causes of Bike Collisions

One common reason behind bicycle accidents is driver inattention, i.e., distracted driving. Motorists are texting, talking on the phone, or surfing the internet. They could also be engaging in other dangerous acts that take their eyes, hands, and mind off the road. In addition, bike crashes are also the result of:

  • Speeding or traveling too fast for conditions;
  • Running red lights and stop signs;
  • Failure to yield;
  • Not allowing proper distance for a bicycle rider on the shoulder or in a designated bike lane;
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and,
  • Many other negligent acts.

Speak to a Miami Bicycle Accidents Lawyer About Legal Remedies 

You may qualify to recover damages for medical costs, pain and suffering, and other losses if you were injured in a bike collision. Our team at Gerson & Schwartz, PA, will assist with the legal process, so please contact us to set up a complimentary case assessment. You can reach our offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach, FL, at (305) 371-6000 or via our website.

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