Two of the Three Deadliest Roads in the US in South Florida

You might hear rumors or have personal experience driving on the most dangerous roads across the US. However, statistics are actual proof that Florida is home to a few of the deadliest highways in the nation. According to a report published by WFLA NBC News Channel 8, traffic data from all US states was analyzed to determine where the highest number of fatal auto accidents occur. Researchers crunched the numbers and ranked the Top 20, finding that three of them are in Florida. Besides the individuals who were killed, thousands of other victims are injured on these same roads annually. 

For many people who hear about highways being extremely dangerous, the first idea is to avoid them entirely. Not everyone can do so, but it is helpful to realize why collisions occur on these roads so frequently. If you were involved in a crash, retaining a Miami car accident attorney should be a priority. 

Three Deadliest Roads in Florida

The WFLA report describes the analysis for determining the most dangerous highways across the country, which involves evaluating a variety of factors. In Florida, the findings include the following:

  • US Route 1: This road is the deadliest of all in the US, partly because it traverses the entire East Coast on its way from Maine to the Florida Keys. US-1 runs along the coast, encouraging drivers to speed. Numerous bridges, traffic signals, and varying speed limits make the road difficult to navigate.
  • Interstate 95: Ranking in the #17 spot, this highway parallels US-1 in many places along the eastern seaboard. However, it is a major interstate that allows high speeds, and iit sees many large trucks. The most dangerous sections are in South Florida, with a high volume of daily and commuter traffic.
  • Interstate 4: Though it does not reach South Florida, the stretch of I-4 from Daytona Beach to Tampa is the third deadliest road in the state. The reasons are tourism around Orland, especially as visitors are distracted by checking their cell phones for directions.

Damages for Car Accident Victims

Compensation in traffic crashes aims to make the victim whole as if the collision never happened. You may be entitled to recover for economic damages, which are the tangible financial losses you suffer. Examples include medical bills and lost wages if you were unable to work.

Noneconomic damages are also available for victims, and this form of compensation focuses on the losses that impact the quality of life. For instance, you may qualify for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and scarring and disfigurement damages.

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