Latest News on the Monsanto Roundup Litigation

There is a lot to absorb as you scan the national, Florida, and Miami news headlines, so the latest developments in the Roundup litigation might have escaped your notice. Some updates from Bayer/Monsanto will get you up to speed: 

  • Of approximately 125,000 lawsuits filed, the company has settled around 96,000 claims.
  • Bayer/Monsanto has paid out $11 billion in settlements, and many victims already received their checks during 2021.
  • The company is currently awaiting word from the US Supreme Court on whether its plan to wrap up Roundup cases is approved.
  • As recently as December 2021, Monsanto WON a lawsuit. The jury found in favor of the company because the plaintiff was unable to prove the link between glyphosate exposure and her cancer.

These recent developments in the Roundup litigation should be cause for concern if you suffered harm because of the weed killer. Monsanto is seeking to wind down the proceedings, potentially shutting the door on those who have not yet taken action. Plus, the jury verdict reveals that a win for the plaintiff is definitely not a sure thing. It is crucial to discuss the latest news with a Miami Roundup claims and lawsuits attorney, and read on for some helpful information for victims.

Common Injuries and Ailments Related to Roundup

The active ingredient in this herbicide is glyphosate, and it is widely used in the agricultural industry; Roundup is also a popular consumer product for home use in lawns and gardens. Glyphosate is fatal to plants, but it can also lead to serious medical issues in the short term, including:

  • Rashes and abrasions on exposed skin;
  • Eye irritation and burns;
  • Nose and throat inflammation when inhaled; and,
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea if ingested.

Still, it is the long-term implications and medical conditions that are the real concern with Roundup. Exposure to glyphosate often leads to non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL), a cancer that affects the white blood cells and the body’s immune system. Other victims have developed leukemia, B-cell lymphoma (mantle cell lymphoma or MCL), and respiratory cancers through continued exposure to Roundup over time.

How an Attorney Can Help with Your Roundup Claim 

There are multiple cases pending in court, and many are proceeding as class actions because the plaintiffs’ circumstances and claims are similar. These cases are far more complex, so it is wise to get legal help with:

  • Assessing whether you are eligible as a member of a class;
  • Preparing essential forms and documentation to join an existing class action lawsuit;
  • Working with other attorneys representing the group of plaintiffs;
  • Participating in settlement discussion;
  • Appearing in court for actions that have not settled; and,
  • Ensuring you get the compensation you deserve due to Roundup injuries and related losses.

Talk to an Experienced Lawyer About Roundup Claims and Lawsuits

To learn more about how we help individuals harmed by glyphosate exposure, please contact Gerson & Schwartz, PA. We can schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss details at our offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach, FL.

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