Scenic, Safe Routes for E-Scooters in Miami

E-scooter-sharing services are popular as a way to get around for work and errands, and statistics from recent years are proof. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GSHA), there were 52 million e-scooter trips in 2021 – up more than 50% from the previous year. These vehicles are affordable to rent, easy to park, and convenient in highly congested urban areas like Miami. Plus, they are also a fun way to see the city’s sights, attractions, and neighborhoods. It is true that you can ride your bike, but using an e-scooter is cooler and more enjoyable in the tropical climate of South Florida. 

However, e-scooters are not permitted in all areas of Miami. The nature of the sharing services has made it necessary for officials to limit where you can ride for the safety of all road users. However, there are still plenty of routes that are both scenic and safe so that you can avoid the risks of e-scooter accidents in Miami. Check out the following when you are up for a ride.

1. Ocean Drive: If you want to experience city action on one side and gorgeous beach views on the other, head to South Beach and ride along Ocean Drive. There are designated bike lanes that are accessible to e-scooters and several parks along the route for a quick stop to rehydrate. If you want a longer rest, countless restaurants and bars line the length of Ocean Drive.

2. Bayshore Drive: This route is close to the cruise terminals, so many people like to watch the ships arrive, depart, and move passengers. From there, you can head inland through Downtown Miami to see the towering skyscrapers and beautiful parks. This path will also take you down to Coconut Grove, where canopies of trees will keep you cool as you ride by boutique shops, fine dining, live music, and exciting nightlife.  

3. Little Havana: This neighborhood is just 4 miles from Downtown Miami, and the area is an excellent way to learn more about Cuban-American culture. There are designated bike lanes in some parts, but you can also ride on the sidewalks that are quite wide. Keep in mind that the speed limit for e-scooters on sidewalks is 7 mph, while it is 15 mph when you are riding on streets and bike lanes.

4. The Venetian Pool: Heading southwest from Miami, you can cool down and view a modern marvel. The Venetian Pool is the largest freshwater pool in the US, fed by an aquifer that replenishes more than 820,000 gallons of water daily. Traffic is lighter in this neighborhood outside of the city center, so you can safely ride on the streets.

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