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E-scooter-sharing services are popular as a way to get around for work and errands, and statistics from recent years are proof. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GSHA), there were 52 million e-scooter trips in 2021 – up more than 50% from the previous year. These vehicles are affordable to rent, easy to park, and convenient in highly congested urban areas like Miami. Plus, they are also a fun way to see the city’s sights, attractions, and neighborhoods. It is true that you can ride your bike, but using an e-scooter is cooler and more enjoyable in the tropical climate of South Florida. 

However, e-scooters are not permitted in all areas of Miami. The nature of the sharing services has made it necessary for officials to limit where you can ride for the safety of all road users. However, there are still plenty of routes that are both scenic and safe so that you can avoid the risks of e-scooter accidents in Miami. Check out the following when you are up for a ride.

1. Ocean Drive: If you want to experience city action on one side and gorgeous beach views on the other, head to South Beach and ride along Ocean Drive. There are designated bike lanes that are accessible to e-scooters and several parks along the route for a quick stop to rehydrate. If you want a longer rest, countless restaurants and bars line the length of Ocean Drive.

Vulnerable road users get their name for a reason, comprising a group of individuals who are not traveling in vehicles that protect their safety with a metal shell. Motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicycle riders fall under this umbrella, but some new vulnerable road users are capitalizing on the recent popularity of e-scooters. There are many advantages of renting or owning an electric scooter, and these vehicles are especially appealing to young people who appreciate their convenience, flexibility, and reasonable cost. 

However, these benefits can be overshadowed by the risk of crashes with larger, faster motorized vehicles. Those accustomed to traveling in an enclosed auto may be unfamiliar with a unique, extremely painful type of injury that tends to affect e-scooter operators: Road rash. This trauma is a friction wound to the skin, but it is surprising how a seemingly minor injury could carry significant risks. A Miami e-scooter accident lawyer will assist with your remedies.

Overview of Road Rash Injuries

As consumer prices continue to soar and people are feeling more pain at the gas pump, many people are turning to an unexpected source of transportation for getting around Miami: E-scooters. According to a May 25, 2022 press release, the current market size for e-scooters is $626.8 million and expected to reach $806.3 million by 2032. Besides the financial benefit of not requiring gas, e-scooters are: 

  • Lower in cost than purchasing a passenger vehicle;
  • Convenient to fold-up and stow instead of parking; and,

If you are one of the many South Florida residents that use e-scooter sharing services on a regular basis, you are probably thrilled to know that Lime is back in Miami after a short hiatus. South Florida’s Local 10 News reported that many e-scooter programs were suspended in December 2020 after city officials identified numerous safety concerns. With the system that was in place, underage riders were able to access the vehicles, there were no helmets available, and many users were doubling up. Lime conducted an overhaul of its operations with safety in mind, so Miami commissioners agreed to allow the company to resume its -scooter sharing services. 

However, Lime also revamped the vehicles themselves with new features intended to protect the rider. Bird, Lyft Scooters, and related companies have followed suit by upping their focus to make them sturdier, more stable, and less prone to Miami e-scooter accidents. Some of the recent safety advancements include:

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