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In a state that is almost completely surrounded by water and contains thousands of waterways within its borders, you can expect that boating is a popular activity in Florida. In fact, according to statistics from the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC), the state ranks #1 for registered vehicles. There are more than 1 million water vessels of all sizes and types that are licensed for recreational purposes. Of course, this data also puts Florida among the Top US states for boating accidents. Every year, there are almost 850 total reportable incidents, leading to 70 fatalities and approximately 470 injured victims. 

Responsible boaters are well aware of the laws, navigation rules, and safety tips for operating a motorized watercraft. However, it is worthwhile to focus on another type of casualty: Accidents involving the fun water toys towed behind the boat. There are additional rules to follow, and these activities open a whole new world of safety issues. A Miami boating accidents attorney can assist if you or a loved one was hurt in an on-the-water incident, though some tips are useful for avoiding them.

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