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There are multiple concepts under Florida personal injury laws that extend liability to individuals or entities other than the negligent party, which essentially impute fault to a party that might not even be anywhere near the scene of an accident. One is the principle of dram shop liability, a factor in many drunk driving collisions. This theory states that a bar or tavern may be held accountable for overserving someone who later causes a crash. Florida does have a dram shop law, but not one that supports the interests of DUI accident victims: The statute provides that an establishment cannot be liable under such circumstances. 

However, a ban on dram shop liability does not preclude other legal remedies for victims. It is still possible to recover compensation for your losses, and a Miami drunk driving accident lawyer can assist with challenges. Some information on your options and tips on what to do after a DUI crash are also helpful.

Legal Remedies for Drunk Driving Collisions 

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