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Doctors are not perfect, but you still expect that their education, training, and experience will lead to quality patient care in diagnosing medical conditions. The statistics reported by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are disturbing, with missed or delayed diagnoses comprising 21% of all medical malpractice claims. These figures do not include misdiagnosis instances where there was no adverse event or harm to the patient. The numbers are much higher and should not be disregarded, as they still constitute serious mistakes. 

Researchers have found through their analysis that there are three medical conditions that are wrongly diagnosed at higher rates than others. These are relatively common ailments, so you should become familiar with the risks. Mistakes may constitute medical malpractice, and a Miami diagnostic errors attorney can assist with your claim. Some information on the top misdiagnosed conditions is also helpful.

Big Three Conditions Most Frequently Misdiagnosed

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