What a Motorist’s “Driving Personality” Says About Miami Car Accidents

You have heard about how your personality impacts relationships and professional opportunities, but researchers have discovered another area where these traits affect your life. The American Safety Council reported on a study of driving personalities, basically a psychological assessment of the state of mind of motorists when operating a vehicle. Researchers have identified seven different driving personalities, though they did stress that the categories are fluid. Drivers could draw traits from multiple personalities, especially under varying traffic conditions. 

As you can probably guess, certain driving personalities are more likely to cause or contribute to auto collisions. Their attitudes put all motorists at risk, so it is good to know you have legal options under Florida law if you were hurt. A Miami car accident lawyer can assist with pursuing the at-fault driver for compensation, including medical costs, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Meanwhile, here are a few of the driving personalities to avoid when you can – and avoid being one yourself.

  • The Know-it-All: These were some of the most annoying kids in your class when you were younger, and they are no better when they get on the road. Know-it-Alls considers themselves experts on every traffic law in Florida, so they are always in the right regarding traffic situations. Their self-aggrandizing attitude also ensures they will communicate with other drivers who are “wrong,” often opening a window to scream at another motorist.
  • The Competitor: Miami roadways are one big racetrack for these drivers. Competitors will try to beat another motorist to a light, take off faster after the red light, or accelerate to make sure no one passes them. They will close the gap when another driver attempts to change lanes in front of them. A Competitor may be the person engaging in road rage, but they may also cause it in others.
  • The Punisher: You might feel like a 5-year-old child forced to sit in a corner for misbehaving when you encounter this motorist on the road. The Punisher watches for mistakes and will be proactive in making sure other drivers know they are in the wrong. This person may even chase down a motorist for driving too slowly or passing too closely. As a “penalty,” a Punisher might intentionally cut you off in traffic, block someone’s path, or display obscene gestures.
  • The Escapee: While the other driving personalities might involve aggression, the Escapee is just trying to get away from frustrations and poor drivers. When they cannot do so physically, Escapees will rely on some other activity as a distraction, such as texting, watching a video, or cranking music.

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