Do Advanced Vehicle Safety Features Reduce Miami Car Accidents?

You might expect that the risk of auto crashes is lower when a vehicle is equipped with the latest safety technology, but the data provides solid, numerical proof of this point. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), automatic emergency braking reduces rear-enders by up to 56%. At the same time, blind spot detection decreases the likelihood of a lane-changing accident by 23%. One of the most profound impacts comes from rear automatic braking. When functioning in conjunction with a rearview camera and parking sensors, the potential for a collision while in reverse drops 78%. 

Knowing these statistics probably places you in one of two camps: You either have a vehicle with advanced safety features, or you want to make sure your next one does. The data is clear that this technology is your best bet for reducing Miami car accidents and protecting occupants. To become better acquainted with available options, have a look at the categories of advanced safety features.

Collision Warnings

Some safety tools serve the sole purpose of alerting the driver to a threat without affecting any of the vehicle’s operations or function. The warning is an audible beep or bell sound, and there may also be a symbol that lights up on the dashboard. The collision warning goes off when cameras and sensors on the exterior of the vehicle detect a potential threat.

Specific technologies that act as collision warnings include:

  • Blind spot detection of vehicles traveling out of the driver’s visual range;
  • Forward collision warning to prevent rear-enders;
  • Lane departure warning; and,
  • Rear cross-traffic warning, which alerts the motorist to moving and nonmoving objects behind the vehicle.

Crash Intervention

These safety features build upon the technology of collision warnings, but they go a step further to control certain aspects of a vehicle’s operations. Crash intervention also uses cameras and sensors, which feed information to an onboard computer. When the functions are enabled, the computer will take over to avoid a car accident. Examples include:

  • Automatic emergency braking to prevent a forward collision;
  • Blind spot intervention that applies brakes or steers away from an object; and,
  • Rear automatic braking that can detect a threat and apply the while the vehicle is operating in reverse.

Driving Control Assistance

This category of advanced safety technology is not directly aimed at accident prevention, but it serves to support the motorist’s operations under normal driving conditions. Adaptive cruise control is an upgrade on the systems of the past that only set speed because it can maintain a designated distance between vehicles. Lane centering assistance gently steers the car to ensure it stays within the parameters.

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