Cruise Ship Staircase Accidents

Trip and fall hazards on cruise ships can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Over the years, our law firm has represented numerous cruise ship passengers and crew members that sustain serious bodily harm from hidden or latent dangers leading to trip and fall accidents including accidents on staircases and stairwells. Trip and fall accidents on stairwells and staircases occur when there is forward movement that is impaired or impeded by a unstable surface or dangerous surface. This danger is compounded by the natural motion of a cruise ship along with its proximity to water makes the risk of a fall greater than when walking around a Florida resort. These types of falls can cause serious injuries that necessitate hospitalization and periods of disability. While passengers and staff on cruise ships can fall anywhere on the ship, many falls occur on staircases or steps. A tumble down a flight of stairs can result in broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, fractures, and other serious injuries. Our Miami cruise ship staircase accident attorneys have handled many cruise ship accident lawsuits against all the major cruise lines, including Carnival, Royal Carribeanm, Celebtriy, Holland America, Disney Cruise Lines, Norweigian, Holland America and others. We understand the special legal and factual challenges involved in representing cruise ship passengers and crew members who suffer an serious injuries.

The risk of falling down steps or stairs on a cruise ship are higher because of the lack of uniform standards and safety codes. When tourists stay at a Florida resort, the facility will be subject to the Florida Building Code, as well as other regulations designed to promote uniformity and safety. However, cruise ships are not required to comply with these standards, so risers, banisters, steps, and treads can have atypical and unsafe dimensions. Many passengers may encounter uneven steps or treads resulting in a trip and fall accident. The lack of uniformity in the construction of cruise ship stairways and steps on cruise ships can significantly increase the risk of a trip and fall accident.

While the lack of safety regulations to ensure the safe design and construction of stairwells and steps on cruise ships constitutes a cause of many falls, there are other factors that can also increase the risk of suffering debilitating injuries. Negligence that causes falls on the stairs of a cruise ship include:

  • Bunching of carpet on a step
  • Carpeting that becomes depressed
  • Inadequate illumination near the stairwell or steps
  • Improper repairs
  • Loose or missing handrail
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Improper flooring materials
  • Failure to conduct routine inspections
  • Improper tread size
  • Failure to warn

Although passengers and staff injured in a fall on stairs or steps of a cruise line should promptly report their accident and seek medical attention, caution must be used when speaking to the ship security officers and medical staff. The security personnel typically investigate by taking pictures of the accident scene, the passenger, and the passenger's clothing. The investigation will also include talking to witnesses and obtaining written statements. The doctor also is trained to ask questions designed to provide the foundation for a defense strategy. This approach by the ship's staff makes it important for you to describe all of the hazards that contributed to your fall. Passengers injured in falls down the stairs of a cruise ship also need to seek prompt legal advice from an experienced Florida cruise line staircase accident lawyer.

While broken steps and unsafe staircases can exist both in a Florida resort and on a cruise ship, there are special issues for cruise passengers that necessitate legal representation by a knowledgeable Florida cruise ship accident lawyer. Our attorneys can assist you in negotiating complex issues that include applicable law, the proper jurisdiction to hear the case, and gathering all evidence needed to pursue a legal claim against the cruise line.

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