Peloton Sued for Man’s Death While Using Popular Bicycle

Many people do not realize how dangerous exercise equipment can be, but another incident involving a Peloton device has resulted in legal action for wrongful death. CBS News Miami reported that a mother filed a lawsuit for her son, whom she claims was killed by a defective, dangerous Peloton exercise bicycle. The complaint alleges that the victim was following along with an online “core” workout, which required him to get off the bike for floor exercises. As he was dismounting the bicycle, it spun around and struck his neck and face. He died because the machine severed his carotid artery, killing him instantly.

The basis of the lawsuit is product liability, in which a manufacturer can be held accountable for putting dangerously defective items into the homes of consumers. There is a specific type of claim in this case, and it is possible that Peloton could defend the allegations. A Miami products liability attorney can assist with your case if you were injured, but a look at the recent lawsuit is informative.

Product Liability for Failure to Warn

Some items are hazardous because of errors in design or manufacturing, while others are dangerous because they do not issue proper warnings about use. A manufacturer could be liable for a labeling error for failing to include this information, knowing that there is a risk of injuries.

In the Peloton lawsuit, the plaintiff argues that the manufacturer did not provide appropriate instructions about dismounting the bike safely. There are also claims that Peloton failed to warn about tip-overs and other disruptions when a user applies too much weight to get off the bike.

Possible Defense by Peloton

The lawsuit is claiming hefty monetary damages for losses suffered by the mother. You can be sure Peloton will develop a solid defense strategy to avoid liability, which could be in the millions of dollars. With product liability cases, it is not necessary for the plaintiff to prove negligence or fault. However, Peloton may have a defense if it can prove that the defendant misused the exercise bike. The company might argue that he should have waited until the equipment was stable before jumping off to do floor exercises.

Damages for Survivors

In a wrongful death lawsuit, the compensation is intended for the surviving family members who suffer losses because of their loved one’s death. These are not damages for the deceased victim, though it is possible to recover amounts through a survival action. In the case of the defective Peloton bike, the plaintiff is seeking pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages for lost quality of life.

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